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Building bridges between high school, college, and beyond

Atlantic Impact helps students achieve their Academic, Economic, and Professional Goals.

OUR TOWN prepares students (ages 16 to 24) to thrive in high-demand careers in the skilled trades. Since 2018, Our Town introduced over 1000 students to skilled trades careers, provided more than than 25,000 cumulative hours of training and certifications, and connected students to careers with an average starting salary of $18 per hour.

OUR WORLD gets students ready to apply to, enroll in and thrive at college through university-partnered study abroad programs and college tours. Since 2018, we've provided more than 5,000 total hours of college success programming, which includes free SAT prep. We've also taken over 100 students abroad at no cost to them or their families.

Our students say…

“I learned how to communicate well with others and how to express myself.”

“I’m able to do things that I hadn’t done before.”

Students at Detroit's Denby High School convene for a group exercise that challenges them to explore their personal goals for academic and professional achievement over the next 2 years
Our Indicators of Success:
  • Students feel connected to Atlantic Impact
  • Students feel supported in achieving throughout high school
  • Students feel supported on their journeys toward post-secondary education
  • Students have learned about their culture and history through participation in Atlantic Impact.

Learning on and from a field trip, hence, is no longer seen as simply an extension or improvement of classroom teaching, but as a valuable supplement and addition to classroom instruction, as well as an excellent way to prepare students for future learning.

DeWitt and Storksdiek


These statistics look broadly at the positive influences our programming has on student participants and their readiness for the future.


of students think more about their futures


feel more prepared for college


find they have many commonalities with people from different backgrounds


feel they can be a leader despite challenging circumstances

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